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Summer is the time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, but somehow we always end up coming inside with itchy mosquito bites instead of happy memories. Who wants that?  Fox Pest Control will make your summer shine for the right reasons. With our professional mosquito treatment, you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes ruining your plans.  Sometimes, you just can’t control what type of insects fly your way. If you want to save yourself some scratching and worrying, put your problems in the pros’ hands. 

Signs of a Mosquito Infestation

You might already know for sure that you have a mosquito problem. But here are a couple of the most common signs of a mosquito infestation in Rochester. 


One of the signs of a mosquito infestation is to see them flying around.


Even before they’re seen, mosquitoes can bite and fly away before you know what happened. A bite is often itchy and may raise a small red bump on the skin.

What You Need to Know About Mosquitoes

  • They’re attracted to the smell of our blood and the carbon dioxide we exhale. Essentially, we’re all walking mosquito magnets.  
  • They transmit many diseases, including
  • West Nile virus– an infectious disease whose symptoms include fever, skin rash, body aches, and swollen lymph glands
  • Zika virus– an RNA virus that causes a rash, itching all over, muscle pain, red eyes, joint pain, fever, and a headache
  • Malaria- a disease caused by a parasite that invades red blood cells and brings on fever, chills, sweating, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and sometimes jaundice

Helpful Mosquito Prevention Tips:

  • Avoid wearing perfumes or colognes.
  • Wear long sleeves and pants when outdoors or near water.
  • Avoid early evening activities
  • Eliminate standing water: 
    • Swimming Pools
    • Wheelbarrows
    • Bird Baths
    • Drainage Pipes
    • Gardening Buckets

How Do I Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?

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Why Choose Fox Pest Control in Rochester

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Mosquito Control FAQ

Do all mosquitoes bite?

Of the more than 3,500 species, only a couple hundred will actually bite humans … and then it’s only the females. That having been written, there are plenty of female mosquitoes around in Rochester, so don’t worry, you’ll need lots of help with mosquito control.

Where do mosquitoes lay their eggs?

Mosquitoes love very shallow water or even damp soil for laying eggs. Try to keep your property free of standing water … of any depth!

When is the best time to avoid mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes love cool, moist environments … and they hate the heat. The best to be outside while also avoiding mosquitoes is in the heat of the day. (Or you could call Fox Pest Control in Rochester to help you get rid of mosquitoes.)

Why are mosquito bites itchy?

When a female mosquito bites you, it injects an anticoagulant within its saliva that, while helping the blood flow, also creates an allergic response in most humans.

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Yes they can be. Even in Rochester mosquitoes can carry and transmit several diseases, including:

  • West Nile virus– an infectious disease whose symptoms include fever, skin rash, body aches, and swollen lymph glands.
  • Zika virus– an RNA virus that causes a rash, itching all over, muscle pain, red eyes, joint pain, fever, and a headache.
  • Malaria- a disease caused by a parasite that invades red blood cells and brings on fever, chills, sweating, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and sometimes jaundice.

Rochester Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

UPDATE: The yellow jacket nest is gone however they may have moved to a different spot at the front of the house above the window. Called Fox and they sent Sarah out. She was awesome! Great communication and very friendly. Sprayed the problem area and all around it and I will call back in 5 days if any further issue. We ran into an issue with yellow jackets this year. There were a few nests and Chris came out and was fantastic! He got rid of the nests and sprayed the perimeter of the house. I believe Jason was the gentleman who scheduled us and he was great as well. We just had our first treatment and so far so good. Everyone has been extremely friendly.

– Sarah Petrunak

Posted August 18, 2020

5 Stars

Chris came out and immediately got to work. He saw a chipmunk run into the a while near the house and was determined to find it. He was very informative about the products he was using, the plan for treatment, and what to expect from the service. We are very happy with our choice to go with Fox Pest Control for our home's needs. Also Austin was our point of contact who sold us on the service. He was also very friendly and informative. Thank you To everyone at Fox.

– Mark Neusatz

Posted August 18, 2020

5 Stars

always provide prompt service. genral bug treatment

– seth kolkin

Posted August 13, 2020

5 Stars

We were thrilled with the service Chris provided from Fox Pest Control. He explained everything thoroughly and was very customer friendly.

– David & Beth Dougherty

Posted August 11, 2020

5 Stars

I have again had a positive experience. Will was very professional and personable. It rained the day of the appointment and he came back the very next day to apply product to the outside property. He listened and addressed in real time as I told him the issues with the ants and I would not mind at all if he came back on my next appointment.

– Coretta Akinnawo

Posted August 10, 2020

5 Stars

Sarah and Elise were very courteous and polite. They addressed my immediate concerns promptly and thoroughly and made sure there were no other concerns before they left. Would recommend them for future pest control needs.

– Marti Palardy

Posted August 08, 2020

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  • Fox Pest Control Technicians also complete extensive training in the classroom and on the job with an experienced mentor before servicing alone.
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If a Fox Pest Control customer has an infestation of covered pests between regularly scheduled Home Protection Plan treatments, we will come back and perform targeted treatments to get rid of the pest at no charge. If Fox Pest Control cannot resolve the problem after three such targeted treatments, we will cheerfully refund the customer’s last monthly subscription fee, as long as all other terms of the agreement have been met.

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