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Typical Henrietta Pest Control Problems

Henrietta, New York is home to common pest activity found in many different areas. Rodents and ants are just two subcategories of pests Henrietta residents should look out for. Areas along the Genesee River and closer to the business district attract more rodent activity due to a large amount of water sources and factories. Rodents thrive near water, so it’s important for homeowners in this area to keep an eye out for any possible entry points on their property. Small mice can squeeze through a hole the size of  dime, and rats can squeeze through one the size of a quarter. In other words, these annoying creatures can get in rather easily. Once inside, they will chew installation, clothing, and food. Not to mention they can even spread diseases like hantavirus, although it’s rare. For all of these reasons, it’s important to put an end to an infestation right away.

Ants are also prominent in Henrietta. Most ants, like pavement ants and odorous house ants, are more of a nuisance than an actual threat. However, carpenter ants cause major problems. They chew through wood and can remain undetected in a property’s walls for up to eight years. This would cause serious structural damage. If you believe there are ants or carpenter ants in your home, call Fox Pest Control right away.

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Henrietta Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

They were fast to respond, their customer service is excellent and friendly, and I haven't seen an ant in the house since they came by. I'm extremely happy with their professionalism and speed.

– Brandon Baker

Posted December 15, 2020

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– Paul Valerio

Posted November 28, 2020

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– Wanda Jokes

Posted November 22, 2020

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– Kirsten Manganiello

Posted October 15, 2020

5 Stars

We have had Fox for over a year. We liked them so much we recommended them to our daughter, and she is now using them. We had a mole issue this spring and they were very responsive. Tech is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

– David Johnson

Posted October 12, 2020

5 Stars

Matt B. provided excellent & professional customer service. All areas of concern (bees/ants) exterior of house were addressed and treated.

– gerry M

Posted October 09, 2020

Our Connection to Henrietta

Tyler, one of our seasoned Fox technicians, has had many memorable experiences around Henrietta.. For example, before COVID-19, Tyler and his best friend spent many Tuesday nights at the Red Barn going rock climbing together. In fact, they went almost every Tuesday like clockwork. The Red Barn provided the perfect place to unwind and bond as friends after a long day. Tyler and his friend even introduced others to the location. They hope the Red Barn will keep welcoming avid climbers long after the pandemic ends.  

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