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Typical Rochester Pest Control Problems

The city of Rochester is a very urban area. Areas like Rochester can obtain and attract pests that like more polluted locations. These pests can include rats, mice, and bed bugs. Rochester’s proximity to the Genesee River only heightens these pest invasions, especially since rodents love the water. Rodents, particularly mice and rats, also love trash and leftover food. When these frustrating creatures linger outside, congregating around standing water and scraps, it’s easy for them to find a way into homes. They will squeeze inside through tiny holes and wreak havoc on insulation, food pantries, and anything else they can get their claws on. As if that’s not frustrating enough, they leave a trail of potentially harmful waste wherever they scurry. 

Bed bugs can also plague the Rochester area. These small, brownish bugs can easily enter homes undetected via used furniture, luggage, and clothing. Many people realize they have bed bugs after waking up with itchy red bites and finding the little insects in their beds – hence the name “bed bugs.” Thankfully, bed bugs have not been proven to spread disease. However, they are unpleasant and extremely hard to get rid of once an infestation develops. If you suspect bed bugs are on your property, call Fox Pest Control immediately.

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Rochester Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– Paul Lofgren

Posted November 13, 2020

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– Patricia O'Marra

Posted November 05, 2020

5 Stars

Was pleased with their service. Technician was was very helpful address my infestation issue. Since the 1 visit 3 weeks ago I haven't had an issue.

– Laurence Schacht

Posted October 20, 2020

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– Gerald Kimbrew

Posted October 16, 2020

5 Stars

Reviewer only left a star rating

– mike fritz

Posted October 13, 2020

5 Stars

This. Company 's customer service is fantastic. They actually pick up the phone immediately and I get to talk to a person and a specialist if I have questions. They are friendly and courteous. The individuals who I have come to my house are socially distanced wear a mask polite and friendly. They ask good questions about the yards about boundary lines what will your neighbors say if they see me outback, etc. I really look forward to meeting the different people applying the insecticide that is non toxic. It worked !When they said it will wear off in one month and need another application for gnats- they were correct. I'm so glad I found this company.

– Lynn Condon

Posted September 30, 2020

Our Connection to Rochester

Rochester Pest Pro, Rafael Ruiz, is a Rochester native. He has been a local volunteer firefighter for many years. Rafael has many memories at Netsins Ice Cream, a local ice cream shop that’s owned by a fellow firefighter. The owner takes time away from his business in the store to drive around the community in his ice cream truck. The locals absolutely love it!. For those who want quality ice cream, Netsins is located on the corner of Culver Parkway and Shelford Road.

At Fox, we value our relationship with the community. In 2018, our technicians participated in Rochester’s Clean Sweep event. This is a big city initiative to complete trash pickup around town. Everyone meets at the Frontier Baseball Field to get shipped off on buses to pick up trash around different areas of the city. At the end of the day, everyone gets a free entry to a Redwings Baseball Game. The experience with Rochester’s Clean Sweep was one of the highlights of 2018 for our Fox technicians.

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